Middlecreek Meat Goats


                              Herding Dogs

                              Australian Kelpies

Duvall's  Duke

This is our Kelpie Duke at 10 months old

He's starting to get the hang of things.

Duke is line bred on Duvall Culi 

Duke was born 10/01/2011


Miley's pups for sale $500 each


Will be ready to go on July 3rd

Bloodlines include  Duvall, Sagebrush and DeHaros  

They will be registered with the Working Kelpie Council of Australia Inc.

These pups are out or Duke 



This is McCools Miley our female Kelpie


                             Guardian Dogs

Burnett's Bandit 

Anatolian Shephard

Bingo now living at Grandview Livestock Farm